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WWW.TCHATTU.COM, a social network for Africa

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25 November 2018, Commentaires: 0

Africa will attend, le 2 December 2012, the official launch of its new social network WWW.TCHATTU.COM, It is distinguished by its originality typical African.

Futuranswerz is this concept that will enable African youth to engage in development debates and so, provide concrete solutions to the problems plaguing the continent.

As part of the Young Leaders Forum on peace and good governance provided for 2 at 3 December 2012, the concept of promoters will be launching its first electronic platform for intellectual exchange www.Tchattu.com. "With this tool, we believe that young Africans are no longer limited to their borders ", was glad promoter Yacine Sidibé.

The virtual exchange platform that represents Tchattu, will provide the survey areas, discussion clubs, virtual libraries, CV bank of, Investment rooms ...

According to the initiator, Sidibe Yacine, the difference between this tool and other social networks is the first social network African, and not exclusively belong to African.

Welcoming the initiative, that of doing business for Social Development, the son of Director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibé, believes Tchattu. "Africa must evolve to find solutions to problems that it knows".

30 young African leaders invited

They are 30 young leaders of the West African sub-region to take part in the forum on peace and sustainable development.

He will place young people to their role in resolving major crises experienced by the African continent. Namely the security crises, food and ethnic conflicts).

Two days, plancheront participants on topics such as the maintenance of peace and reconciliation, Development, and democratic governance. "These are vis-à-vis issues which we are most concerned", Sidibe says Yacine adding that youth should be the basis of all strategies of development and growth in Africa.

To arrive at his ends, Futuranswerz initiators propose a pan-African platform that will bring together the brightest young of Africa to give ideas and solutions using horizontal modes of communication and transnational. Yacine invites his young comrades to dream big to help Africa emerge. "We believe that the youth we have great potential to address current challenges. In no way, we must not give in to despair ", supports it.

source journaldumaili.com By David DEMBELE – 23/11/2012

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