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How to optimize your presence on the web 2019 ?

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31 January 2019, Commentaires: 0

Chronic Patrick Leimbert

This becomes unavoidable. At beginning of each year, we review the major changes from the previous year and what lies ahead for the new year. The digital world has seen many evolutions and changes 2018. What awaits us in 2019 ? What are the priorities for a successful digital strategy ? Patrick Leimbert, expert digital marketing strategy and an update to help you see more clearly.

Written by Patrick on Tuesday Leimbert 22 January 2019


The user is more than ever multiplatform and multiscreen. He is looking for a highly customized solution for unique experiences. Get his attention became the number one issue 1 – Depositphotos Rawpixel

announced 2016, planned 2017 then pushed back 2018, the first mobile index has finally been deployed on a large scale.

Concretely, Google looks first mobile version of your website to index.

The desktop site is still also indexed by Google. You should have received a warning via your Webmaster informing you that your site was now concerned.

Unlike some information circulating, if you do not have a mobile optimized website, you are not going to disappear from Google. Cependant, you lose an opportunity to reach many

Users benefit from your competitors.


voice support

Google Home was available in Europe since 2017. With the launch on sale in June 2018 d’Amazon Echo et Homepod d’Apple, Voice Search continues to gain momentum worldwide.

Users want to receive more promotions and customized by the brand information.

The uses are changing and tourism stakeholders are attuned, OUIsncf the image that launched his skill for Amazon.

Page of the skill oui.sncf – DR

Pour le moment, Voice Search does not have a major impact on the design and optimization of website. She reminded just how important it is to know its users to provide them the content they need.

The quality of content has always been essential, it remains this year and, in all its forms.

In addition to the constant evolution of Google (little reminder, there is more of 1 500 changes in the algorithm a year), it is important to note the evolution of Google, replies motor search engine.

En effet, the purpose of Google (and other GAFA) is to keep up the user in their brand universe with its products and services.

In this context, it will be possible to integrate a chat functionality directly into its Google My Business card.

The deployment is underway and it may be that you are not yet eligible, to monitor !

Integration of the chat feature in a Google My Business card – DR


In connection with the first mobile index, we note that 2018, we passed over 52% global traffic from mobile.

The slide below shows the importance of mobile in the traveler's buying cycle.

Queries travel by carrier (source : Google) – DR

The question of having a mobile site does not arise. In 2019, have a truly mobile optimized version and thought can become a competitive advantage.

This both in terms of design that the user experience. Mobile users always want to access quickly to the information they need, this is for you to make their lives easier.

Loading time

It has often repeated, users do not like slow sites, Google either.

This is especially true with the first mobile index which takes into account mobile loading time of your site vs.. on the desktop.

Google is our friend and PageSpeed ​​Insights tool has been redesigned to help us optimize our sites always better, whether on desktop or mobile.

In 2019, you must have the fastest possible website !

Site Test airfrance.fr with PageSpeed ​​Insights – DR

Réseaux sociaux

The world of social networking has been eventful last year.

The most significant event was undoubtedly the scandal Cambridge Analytica Facebook. The whole world has discovered with astonishment the ease to retrieve and play with personal data.

In the era of the mighty power of information, the handling of the latter was a blow to Facebook.

A blow indeed, but despite what many critics argue, Facebook and its ecosystem are essential for any company wishing to interact with the community.

Just as the constant evolution of Google, each social platform, whether Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc. upgraded its interface and set of tools for advertisers.

advertising formats and possibilities of interaction are richer to go seduce surfers.

Example of integration of Facebook Messenger on a website – DR

With the evolution of algorithms, brands must constantly rethink the content they broadcast forever more impact, inspiration and commitment.

We can not emphasize this enough, content is key, dissemination involves the mastery of different platforms to be able to adapt his message, poster at the right time with the right format.

In 2019, it is essential to be organized and structured with a well thought out strategy to hope to capture the attention of users on social networks.


Studies show that one goes more towards the ultra-personalization of the offer. To do this, it is essential to know as thinly as possible users and their expectations.

Yes you are in compliance with RGPD ?

Its implementation in May 2018 helped update the harvest policies of personal data and their exploitation.

In 2019 AI should play a more important role in the analysis and use of data.


The importance of customer reviews is well established. Managing online reputation has become more professional, either by integrating dedicated resources or involving external experts.

The leader in the travel advice, Tripadsvisor, has transformed its website into social media travel. now more easily can interact with other users, follow brands, influencers, etc.

This does help the site to catch a little more attention from travelers ?

2019 will tell. Whatever, prefer the main sites for your ereputation, either by stimulating the filing of notice and publication of management responses.

Last word

The user is more than ever multiplatform and multiscreen. He is looking for a highly customized solution for unique experiences. Get his attention became the number one issue 1.

This attention is your quest but also that of GAFA who wish to keep up the users in their world and not send them back to yours.

The quality of your communication both in its form and its base will be decisive in your digital success 2019.

Remember to put the customer at the center of all your actions, everyone will be a winner !

Source: https://www.tourmag.com/Comment-optimiser-votre-presence-sur-le-web-en-2019_a97005.html

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