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Response from Telma Madagascar following non-use of our connection due to the Covid

5 June 2020, Commentaires: 0

Dear Customer, Thank you for your email. In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently receiving many requests from […]

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Patrons and social networks : opportunity or constraint ?

1 December 2018, Commentaires: 0

The French CEO still too often reluctant to use LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to communicate, whether as spokesman […]

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My Web gives you appointment at Ailae living in Madagascar | Forelo expo

25 September 2018, Commentaires: 0

To end the year 2015 in beauty, Anis Events has decided to mark the occasion by hosting a first Grand Food Trade Fair […]

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Les réseaux sociaux communautaires à Madagascar

10 July 2018, Commentaires: 0

un apport publicitaire de plus en plus prisé à Madagascar: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Viadeo… The community platforms are at the heart of the concerns of all […]

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Professionalism is a must in website creation.

18 June 2018, Commentaires: 0

Do not entrust your web projects more amateurs and opt for a serious agency, having already proven and offers […]