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Hotel booking engine, cottages, Guest bedroom on Facebook

23 August 2018
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23 August 2018, Commentaires: 0

New for hotels, gites and chamber’ hosts : the Facebook tool Reservation

Facebook Booking, it's the novelty proposed by Webinternet and Facebook pages will revolutionize hotels. En effet, this new feature will fit on the page as a tab and allow fans to book a room directly from Facebook, which was not possible before.

In sailing on some Facebook pages Hotels tananariviens, we do not fail to notice the presence of this tab on their profile. And what a surprise to see that the tab is presented as a minimal version of the official website. In homepage, the hotel shows some representative pictures of his establishment to be featured without forgetting their contact.

After indicating the arrival and departure is accessed another page by clicking on the button "Show prices». We then see display various photographs of rooms available and their description. The button "reserve" is displayed directly under the profiles of each of the rooms. Once clicked the button, additional options appear, and then refer to the availability request form.

In just a few clicks and still be connected on Facebook, the fan will easily booked. Booking with Facebook, Webinternet participates in the evolution of the network as "sales channel" for hotels. The social network is no longer confined only to advertising offers but also becomes a sales support.

An online solution for hotels that will be able to use this tool as a business strategy specifically designed for the millions of Facebook users. No doubt this booking tool proposed by Webinternet seduce certainly the vast majority of Malagasy hotels.

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