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21 August 2017, Commentaires: 0

Till today, the photos you put on the Facebook social network, remained stored, even after being deleted. Rather very inconvenient for privacy, you will agree… But since, this has changed. Or at least, this is what Facebook announces : from now on, it will permanently erase the photos you thought you deleted.

Indeed so far, the social network kept these photos on its servers, even if they remained invisible to other users. Cependant, it was enough to know the URL of the image to be able to access it. Aujourd’hui, Facebook announces that this problem is fixed.

En effet, a new site photo storage service has been set up, so that now, when you delete your photos, these will disappear automatically at the latest 30 days after deletion action.

According to Facebook : "After months of work on our infrastructure, we have set a deadline of 30 days on our CDN links. However, the links may disappear much faster, according to the conditions met".

Since then, according to the social network, "In summary, the photos will no longer be visible on Facebook pages as soon as they have been deleted by the user. The period of 30 days only concerns data stored on the CDN".

A good hearer.

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